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Large Animal Technical Rescue - Safety and Success Through Prevention, Preparedness, and Partnerships (MOO-0004)

Animal emergencies are human emergencies due to the "human to animal bond" and the emotional connection that exists which drives untrained individuals into life-threatening situations to save an animal.  If an animal is in distress, typically a 9-1-1 call will be made.  If emergency services personnel do not respond…well-intentioned, untrained, animal-loving Good Samaritans will self-deploy through contact from the animal owner or a social media post and attempt the rescue operations themselves, more often resulting in the need for human rescue, human injury, or death of the animal and/or Good Samaritans thus becoming the responsibility of emergency services personnel. 

How can emergency responders, veterinary professionals, animal owners, and other local resources work together during a rescue operation?   What are some safety concerns and risk assessment considerations related to large animals?   What equipment and resources will you need?   How should the rescue operation proceed?   What techniques will you use?   How will you handle the animal once rescued?   Will the animal need medical attention?   What is the safest, quickest, easiest way to perform the rescue operation successfully?  


NFPA 2500, 150, 1983, and other NFPA Standards, Incident Management, Large Animal Behavior/Handling, Basic Webbing Manipulations, Safety Issues, Simple Vertical Lift Techniques, Mud/Water/Trench/Ice Rescue Considerations, Barn/Facility Fire Prevention, Fire Incident Response, Trailer Safety, Transport Trailer Incident Response, Natural Disaster Preparedness and Response, On-Hand and Specialized Equipment, Resource Allocation, Medical Management and Field Euthanasia Considerations

Date(s)  Fri. Jun 14, 2024 0800-1800 
Sat. Jun 15, 2024 0800-1800 
Sun. Jun 16, 2024 0800-1800 
Location Grissettown Longwood Volunteer Fire Department - Brunswick County
Ocean Isle Beach NC 28469 
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Handicap Accessibility No
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Offered By Brunswick County 
Primary Instructor Mcleod, Justin Keith 
Additional Instructors McLeod, Tori Miller   
Course Length  
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Award Credentials
Prerequisites The following educational courses and literature are not required but are highly recommended and maybe provide a better understanding of some of the terminology, concepts, equipment, techniques, and response structure that are covered during this Large Animal Rescue training course. The training and resources are free, and the website links have been provided (see attached documents).
Equivalent Prerequisites
Maximum Participants 40
# Open Seats 38
# on Wait List 2
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