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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) & Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) for Search and Rescue (SAR) (NCC-9-003)

Lesson Purpose: To instruct Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel, Law Enforcement, and other personnel with first response capability in the safe operations,
tactics, and techniques in the use of an ATV or UTV while searching for a missing person in a wilderness environment during both day and night conditions.
Training Objectives: At the end of this block of instruction, the student will be familiar with the basic use and safe operations of an ATV or UTV while negotiating
unfamiliar wilderness terrain while conducting various search missions on a missing person search by:
1. Familiarization of safety equipment (PPE).
2. Familiarization with the overall functioning of the machine and it’s capabilities regarding its manufacturers design and recommendations.
3. Familiarization with various riding positions based on safety, terrain, and mission requirements.
4. Demonstrate the proper coverage of breaks.
5. Demonstrate appropriate safe riding position while negotiating various uneven terrain on and off trail.
6. Demonstrate the ability to look ahead for setting the machine up to negotiate an obstacle and reading the line of travel.
7. Familiarization with the use of recovery gear and techniques for recovering a machine and towing a disabled machine.
8. Familiarization with the safe operations of towing a stokes Basket hauling unit through various terrain.
9. Demonstrate search tactics and techniques while operating an ATV or UTV on various missions to locate the Lost Subject.
a. Sign-cutting and or tracking
b. Hasty Search and Efficient Search
c. Scouting / Pathfinders and Search Management area recon
d. Search Perimeter / confinement, and Transportation of teams
e. Moving special equipment and victim transportation
10. Familiarization with lost subject behavior related to ATV’s and UTV’s
Materials Required: Helmet, Eye protection, long pants, shirt, gloves with leather palms, boots with ankle support.
Pen or pencil / Note Pad / Flash Light / Flagging Tape, water and snacks, suitable clothing for the weather, small day pack.
Optional Equipment: Winch mounted on ATV or UTV, Recovery Kit, High lift jack, and an ATV / UTV trail repair kit.
Age Limit: Students must be 18 years or older and all students will sign a land use waiver .
Date(s)  Fri. Jul 26, 2024 1700- 2200 
Sat. Jul 27, 2024 0700- 2200 
Sun. Jul 28, 2024 0700- 1700 
Location Pineland Resources
136 Pineland University Road, Ellerbe NC 28338 
Google Map
Building/Room 136 Pineland University Rd Ellerbe, NC 28338 
Handicap Accessibility Yes
WiFi Access  
Offered By Richmond Community College 
Primary Instructor Williams, Charles A. 
Course Length
Course Hours 30 
Cost to Student $20.00
Award Credentials
Equivalent Prerequisites
Maximum Participants 15
# Open Seats 5
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